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Muslim American Society holds caucus training at Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids January 3, 2008

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From Muslim American Society site:

On Wednesday evening, January 2, along with two other national organizations, MAS Freedom will hold caucus training at the Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids to help familiarize participants with the process. “We hope that when someone comes out of this training, they will feel confident enough in what they have learned, to go to their precinct and take part in a historic event that can tip the balance of power in this country,” [Cedar Rapids resident and MAS National Coordinator Miriam] Amer stated. “If we can get even one-half of one percent of the Muslims in this state participate in the caucus—with some even serving as precinct captains—we can insure that the proposed planks will become adopted at the state conventions, and help to shape US policy in the future.” …

Since March 2007, Amer has been working across party lines, meeting with both Republican and Democratic candidates to discuss their policies and introduce them to concerns American Muslims hold …

With 44 percent of Iowa‘s Republicans identifying themselves as Evangelical Christians, conservatives constitute a broad vocal chunk of the GOP political base in Iowa. Overall, the GOP candidates have basically ignored the immigrant and Muslim vote this time around, opting instead to focus on the Conservative Christian vote. …


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