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‘Disaster Recovery Assistance Guide’ from office of Congressman Dave Loebsack June 23, 2008

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David Loebsack

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Click on the following links to see full images from the 6-page document.

Disaster Recovery Assistance Guide

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

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Compiled AP videos about Cedar Rapids, Iowa City Floods of 2008 June 17, 2008

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Associated Press videos listed here in chronological order. I’ll add to this post if more become available.

VIDEO: First Person: Iowa Hospital Evacuated ( 1:10 )
High water has flooded a hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, forcing officials to move patients to other facilities. (June 13)

VIDEO: Cedar Rapids Remains a City Under Water ( 1:39 )
The view from above says it all, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is drenched and it may be weeks or months until it dries out completely. (June 14)

VIDEO: Cedar Rapids Office Workers Return for Valuables ( 2:08 )
Hundreds of business people who work in flooded portions of Cedar Rapids, Iowa were allowed to briefly return to certain offices to retrieve their work and belongings. The AP’s Mark Carlson reports. (June 14)

VIDEO: Iowa’s Cedar River Receding, but Woes Remain ( 1:32 )
Although Iowa’s Cedar River is slowly receding, floodwaters continue to plague Cedar Rapids, the state’s second-largest city. Meanwhile, a levee in Des Moines failed, forcing hundreds of homes to be evacuated. (June 14)

VIDEO: Iowa Governor: Flooding Exceeds 500 Year Level ( 1:31 )
Iowa Governor Chet Culver says the flooding seen in Cedar Rapids is unprecedented, and exceeds that of a 500 year flood level. He’s also concerned about flooding along the Mississippi River, which is getting worse. (June 15)

VIDEO: Iowa City Residents Battle Rising Waters ( 1:18 )
The National Weather Service predicts the Iowa River will top at about 31 and a half feet and then hold there until it starts to fall Monday evening. Still, the situation remains dangerous for Iowa City. The AP’s Rich Matthews reports. (June 15)

VIDEO: First Person: Volunteers Help Sandbag Auto Shop ( 0:55 )
Amanda Carney just celebrated the grand opening of her Iowa City auto repair shop last week. Now, she’s trying to guard her store against the flooding that’s plagued the state. (June 15)

VIDEO: Iowa Residents Get First Look at Flooded Homes ( 1:35 )
In Cedar Rapids, where flooding has forced the evacuation of about 24,000 people, residents are beginning to tour the places they use to call home. (June 16)

VIDEO: Rising Waters Heading South in Midwest ( 1:39 )
Sandbagging is still under way in communities south of Cedar Rapids, Iowa; and along the Mississippi River where water levels are still rising. Meantime, some residents in Cedar Rapids have been allowed to get some belongings. (June 16)

VIDEO: Iowa Residents Anxious to Return Home ( 1:40 )
The recent flooding in the midwest has displaced over 25,000 residents in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. As The Associated Press’s Mark Carlson reports, a few of them are getting anxious to get back home. (June 16)

VIDEO: Iowa Rescuers Save Animals From Flooded Homes ( 1:59 )
Humane Society is on the ground in Iowa facing the aftermath of the worst flooding ever seen. Even as severe thunderstorms pass through and tornado warnings circle, The HSUS is working nonstop to save and shelter displaced pets. (June 16)

VIDEO: Raw Video: Inside Hard-hit Downtown Cedar Rapids ( 0:46 )
In Cedar Rapids, Iowa hazardous conditions forced officials on Monday to stop taking residents into homes where the water had receded. Broken gas lines, sink holes and structural problems with homes made conditions unsafe, officials say. (June 16)

VIDEO: Bush to Visit Iowa Flood Site ( 2:03 )
President Bush announced on Tuesday that he and his team will travel to Iowa on Thursday to inspect flood damage. (June 17)

VIDEO: FEMA: ‘We’re Gonna Be There Til the End’ ( 2:08 )
As residents in Illinois and Iowa deal with unrelenting floodwaters, FEMA officials are reassuring residents of the flood zone that the government’s response will be better than in 2005 when Katrina struck the Gulf Coast. (June 17)

VIDEO: First Person: FEMA Helps Iowa Flood Victims ( 1:10 )
Flood water in Cedar Rapids, Iowa had begun to recede and FEMA says it is prepared to offer homeowners assistance. ( June 18 )

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Automatically updated stream of Iowa flooding photos from wire services June 15, 2008

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CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS: Advanced search query results from Yahoo! News photos

featuring flood pictures from Associated Press (AP), Reuters, and AFP/Getty Images.

Iowa areas photographed: Cedar Rapids, Iowa City (including the University of Iowa), Coralville, Des Moines, Columbus Junction, Burlington, Hills, Palo, Loveland, Thurman, Johnson County, Linn County, Polk County, and more.

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The 500-year flood maps for Cedar Rapids, Iowa City June 13, 2008

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UPDATE: The Gazette now has Google maps available to illustrate the extent of Corridor area floodwaters. Here are maps for Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and the University of Iowa. Click on the View Larger Map option underneath map if you are unable to read metadata of interest.


From Linn County Emergency Management Agency:

MAP: Cedar Rapids 100- and 500-year flood plain zones


From City of Iowa City:

MAP: Iowa City [and Coralville] 100-year flood, 500-year flood


From KCRG-TV9:

Cedar Rapids 500 Year Flood Plan Map

Iowa City 500 Year Flood Plain

Additional evacuation maps from KCRG here.

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1929 photos of Cedar Rapids’ record flood June 9, 2008

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6/11 UPDATE: Great slide show of Cedar Rapids flood of 1929 (at Flickr)


From Gazette archives:

Photo appears to show I Ave. NW, looking east from 8th St. NW. March 18, 1929.


This photo, looking south, probably taken from the City Hall, shows May’s Island and the 3rd Ave. bridge with a corner of the four-year-old Courthouse at left. In the back of the Courthouse is the CRANDIC interurban bridge, since torn out. The CRANDIC bridge was lower than the street bridges, and a constant worry to officials during high water. Boxcars have been parked on the bridge to help anchor it during the flood.


One corner of the Quaker Oats plant is shown here. Quaker Oats, which had three feet of water in one warehouse, was closed during the peak of the flood.


Floodwater surging under the F Ave. bridge still had not reached its peak when this photo was taken against a Quaker Oats plant backdrop. Downstream, the old iron 8th Ave. bridge trembled so much it had to be closed. Two boaters were nearly drowned.


Railroad switch crews were working this forenoon despite high water which flooded many tracks. This photo, taken along the Illinois Central tracks near Cedar Lake, is indicative of flood conditions in that section.


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Porter’s Camera offering free reprints for Parkersburg, New Hartford tornado victims; Also portion of sales to Red Cross June 5, 2008

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Porter’s store locations in Cedar Rapids and Cedar Falls.

From eMediaWire:

Porter’s Camera Store (www.porters.com) announced today that it will provide free photo reprints for those affected by last week’s catastrophic storms.

Porter’s Camera will also donate a percentage of its profits to help residents of Parkersburg and other affected communities with food, shelter and rebuilding efforts. …

From June 1 through July 31, two Porter’s locations in Cedar Falls and Cedar Rapids will print the first 50 photos free of charge for victims of the Memorial Day tornadoes, as well as any additional photos there after for half price. Both locations will also contribute 2 percent of store sales for the week of June 7 (gearing up for the Father’s Day holiday), to the American Red Cross to help area storm victims. …

Those who are in need of replacement photos due to the Memorial Day tornadoes are encouraged to bring CDs, memory cards or negatives into two Porter’s locations, at 323 Viking Road in Cedar Falls, and 224 Collins Road NE in Cedar Rapids.

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Flatulence filter maker offers Odor Mask for global relief agency work May 19, 2008

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From Press Release Newswire/Flat-D Innovations, Inc:

Cyclone’s Rotting Biological Debris Will Create Horrible Odors

A couple of weeks after the tsunami in Sri Lanka, the relief workers had to work in the area of the decaying biological debris (dead bodies, plants, animals). The hazardous conditions were extremely unpleasant and unsanitary. These conditions were difficult for the aid-workers and the odors were intolerable. Relief agencies contacted Flat-D Innovations, Inc [of Cedar Rapids, Iowa] for a proven effective solution, their Odor Mask, which is made out of an activated charcoal material.

Flat-D Innovations, Inc is gearing up in anticipation of the calls from various relief agencies, to help them cope with this unfortunate disaster. The cyclone-damaged area of Myanmar will likely have similar conditions, due to the damage, unsanitary conditions, and death toll. …

Photo of mask here

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