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Cedar Rapids associate superintendent named superintendent in Peoria November 8, 2008

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From Peoria Journal Star:

A Cedar Rapids, Iowa, administrator with a plan to implement student-centered learning practices will lead the Dunlap School District when Superintendent Jeanne Williamson retires at the end of the school year.

At a news conference Friday, School Board President Bruce Hay introduced Dr. J. Jay Marino, who will assume his new position July 1. …

He is assistant superintendent for learning and continuous improvement in the Cedar Rapids Community School District. …

New City of Cedar Rapids ad for Civil Rights Director: ‘fiscal accountability essential’ August 27, 2008

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From City of Cedar Rapids, Department of Human Resources:

The City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa is currently recruiting for a Civil Rights Director to manage the operations of the Civil Rights office. This position supports the Commission’s mission to promote and protect equality under the law. Proven Communication, bridge-building and management skills and fiscal accountability essential. The Director must ensure department transparency, be an efficient and responsible steward of taxpayer funds and provide professional leadership.

This is a salaried position reporting to the Civil Rights Commission. The annual salary for this position will be contingent on experience with a range starting at $63,585 and going up to $87,297. …

Other recent Gazette articles about former director Kenneth White:

Civil rights panel wants new chief in 3 months

Some call for new start as Civil Rights panel regroups

Cedar Rapids civil rights commission ousts director

Cedar Rapids civil rights panel weighs motion to dismiss leader

Future of Civil Rights commission director in jeopardy

Civil rights head asked to explain unforeseen costs

Landlords question discrimination complaints

Audit finds housing bias in Cedar Rapids

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Iowa City engineers among lowest paid for metro areas July 18, 2008

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Location in the state of IowaImage via Wikipedia

From The American Surveyor:

Reston, Va.—According to a new survey that outlines compensation ranges and trends in the engineering industry, the median income for civil engineers is $78,000 a year, which represents an increase from $77,000 in 2007.

The median income for all fields of engineering combined is $85,000, a 7.6 percent increase from 2007. …

[After Missoula, Mont., $56,000] Rounding out the lowest ten incomes by metropolitan area were: Corvallis, Ore., $57,750; Wichita, Kan., $60,371; Appleton-Oshkosh-Neenah, Wis., $62,500; Manchester, N.H., $62,500; Burlington, Vt., $62,750; Flagstaff, Ariz.-Utah, $62,882; Tallahassee, Fla., $64,530; Iowa City, Iowa, $66,693; Billings, Mont., $67,000 and San Juan, Puerto Rico, $67,000. …

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Intermec moving repair work from Cedar Rapids and Everett to Mexico and North Carolina July 11, 2008

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From The Daily Herald (Everett, Washington):

An estimated 180 employees at Intermec Corp. in Everett will lose their jobs in the coming months as the company outsources its production work to Asia. …

In addition to outsourcing its assembly, the company is also moving repair work that it does in Everett and in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to existing locations in Charlotte, N.C., and Monterey, Mexico. …

And from The Seattle Times:

Everett-based Intermec said Thursday it will eliminate 260 jobs, 180 of them local, as it outsources assembly work and restructures service operations over the next year. …

A technology supplier like Intermec can get squeezed during economic slowdowns when business clients suspend or delay planned projects, said Eli Lustgarten, an analyst at Longbow Research. …

Additionally, Intermec said it will close the service depot adjoining its Everett plant, as well as another depot in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. …

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Militant: ‘Flood cleanup workers fight job agency rip-off’ July 8, 2008

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According to The Militant, socialist newsweekly:

Hundreds of workers hired by a temporary agency here for flood cleanup in Cedar Rapids, 115 miles away, were left stranded with no pay at the end of their assignment. In response a number of the workers assembled in Des Moines at the agency’s parking lot to demand their promised pay. The company locked the doors and called the police to break up the crowd. …

[Mary] Butler said she received one phone call from a worker reporting that 17 Command Center employees were housed in one motel room. They were sleeping in shifts. …

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NYT: ‘As Iowa Job Surplus Grows, Workers Call the Shots’ June 1, 2008

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Iowa state welcome sign

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From New York Times:

Companies want to be in Iowa because wages are lower than elsewhere in the nation or region, except South Dakota. But low wages also drive young college graduates out of the state, especially as student debt loads have risen, and they discourage workers from other states from moving to Iowa. …

[P]rograms for the jobs in highest demand, including nurses and welders, have long waiting lists. “Employers come to us, asking, ‘Do you have any graduates coming up in this field?’ ” said Scott Ocken, dean of industry and technology. “A lot of times we have to say, ‘We do, but they’re already hired.’ ” …

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KWWL vice president and general manager Tom Allen is leaving state May 27, 2008

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From Wisconsin State Journal:

Tom Allen has been named vice president and general manager of WKOW-TV, Channel 27, effective next Monday.

Allen has held similar positions with KWWL-TV in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for the past two years. …

Most recent Gazette article mentioning Tom Allen (April 17, 2007):

Kerian leaves KWWL
Gazette news services

WATERLOO – Evening KWWL co-anchor Ann Kerian has resigned effective immediately, the NBC
affiliate has announced.

According to a statement on KWWL’s Web site, Kerian had been in discussion with
management about changing her work schedule, then made the decision to resign.

“Our desire was for Ann to remain through the month of July,” said Tom Allen, KWWL vice president and general manager, in an announcement posted Monday on http://www.kwwl.com

“However, we have mutually agreed that for the good of the station and for Ann personally,
it was best to make the change now.”

KWWL is searching for a replacement, who would co-anchor the station’s 5, 6 and 10 p.m.
news with Ron Steele.

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U.S. Courts: Former Rockwell Collins engineer claims terminated over diversity training participation and religious objections to homosexuality May 15, 2008

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Systems Engineer Thomas O. Meeker, of Robins, and William D. Kurth, Lake City, Iowa, participating attorney for the Rutherford Institute, file a lawsuit claiming religious discrimination in employment; $300,000 requested.

From United States Courts – Northern District of Iowa:

Andrew Mlynarczyk [of Rockwell Collins Human Resources] told Meeker that Meeker’s e-mail messages were disrespectful and that Meeker had acted outside of the Defendant’s Standards of Business Conduct. Meeker again expressed his disagreement with Defendant’s diversity training and his belief that the training was promoting the homosexual lifestyle by insisting that employees accept, celebrate and embrace homosexuality. …

[Stephen L.] Brandt stated that the concerns of the Defendant’s management involved Meeker’s June 7 e-mail and Meeker’s objections to participating in diversity training. …

Meeker informed those at the meeting that his June 7 e-mail was not the most respectful way to convey his views and gave his assurance that he would not write any similar messages in the future. …

[According to court document, this excerpt is from a July 6, 2007 certified letter from Brandt to Meeker.]

Based on your recent e-mails and other communications, we believe that you are unwilling to treat gay or lesbian co-workers with respect in the workplace. … you have informed us that you refuse to participate in our diversity training program, even though this training is required for all employees. We believe your unwillingness to commit to treat your co-workers with respect, coupled with your refusal to participate in such training, impedes your ability to perform your job in a manner consistent with our Standards of Business Conduct policy. Based on the foregoing, we have decided to terminate your at-will employment at Rockwell Collins effective immediately.

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News obituary for Cedar Rapids native who successfully sued two tobacco companies for $3.26 million; 1964 article on John Eastman May 9, 2008

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From The Tampa Tribune:

TAMPA – John Eastman, a former Tampa radio and TV personality who successfully sued two tobacco companies for contributing to his nicotine addiction, died Sunday at age 79. …

In 2005, he collected more than $3.2 million from Philip Morris USA and the Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp. …

Eastman was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in August 1928. He once told the Tribune that he started smoking at age 12.

He started his broadcast career in the early 1950s as an announcer at a Sioux City, Iowa, radio station. He worked at radio stations in Cedar Rapids; Jacksonville; Mobile, Ala.; Los Angeles; and Pittsburgh. …

From St. Petersburg Times:

He got his first taste of Hollywood as an usher at a CBS theater in Los Angeles. Mr. Eastman, a boy from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, knew he wanted to write scripts.

He co-wrote a 1965 episode of The Fugitive television show and did voiceover work. In the 1970s, he wrote a low-budget movie called Rooster. It was about cockfighting, but really, it was about “the conflict of mid-America’s system of values and attitude,” he once said. …

MUCH additional information about John Eastman from Cedar Rapids Gazette archives: It hasn’t been easy but — John Eastman Writes About Iowa and “The Fugitive” (August 23, 1964):

WHO’S John Eastman?

If you saw the Cedar Rapids Community Theater’s production of “Macbeth” last season, you undoubtedly noticed him in an outstanding performance as Macduff. If you listen to “The Iowa Story” on KCRG radio each weekday morning, you just may realize that he writes the scripts. …

This is a man who tried life in Hollywood and Miami and now has returned to the Cedar Rapids area where was born — to the home of his mother, Mrs. Hazle Gowans, in Marion — and who figures the ideal life would be at Stone City or somewhere else along the Wapsipinicon.

This is also a man who was admittedly foundering until a couple of years ago and then found himself when he found he had lymphatic cancer…

John Eastman was born in Cedar Rapids — the son of a well-known veterinarian, the late Dr. D. A. Eastman. The son intended to be a veterinarian, too, and went to Iowa State university at Ames to that end — “but then I found chemistry made me sick, actually and literally.”

So after he’d flunked out of Iowa State he went to the University of Florida to study journalism. And while he was there he wrote and produced a campus musical comedy.

Comedian Jerry Colonna was guest star and “He said he’d give me a job if I ever got to Hollywood. So I quit school the next day.”

Next chapter finds our young ex-student knocking at Colonna’s door and coming away empty-handed and so, like thousands of eager young hopefuls before and after him, he settled for something that would bring a regular paycheck until the pot o’gold.

Specifically, this was a job as a CBS usher—and Eastman recalls the glorious days when he dispensed free tickets… “I was also in charge of seat cushions under the proper people for the first ‘I Love Lucy’ show ever made,” he says gleefully now.

Then, “luckily,” he was drafted and put into air force security as a Russian linguist— fighting the good battle, of New York. His Russian now? “I could say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ and maybe ‘Can I have a cigaret?’ ”

After service it was back to Iowa and the University of Iowa campus, where he studied in the Ford Foundation project headed by that vastly successful play and movie writer, Richard Maibaum — and worked at KXIC in Iowa City and WMT in Cedar Rapids simultaneously with his
campus activities.

Of these days he recalls mostly sleepless nights and the fact that, during a short stint in the WMT weather tower, he once finger-painted the weather map on a pretty girl’s back. Fired? “No, but let us say that the relationship between the station and me was a little strained thereafter.” …

He is living and breathing Iowa history these days by reason of his “The Iowa Story” series, which is now being aired over 22 stations under auspices of the Iowa Electric Light and Power Company and the Iowa State Education Association (on KCRG each weekday morning for five minutes starting at 8:50). …

“Iowa Story” has been on the air for about a year. It has been the Eastman family’s bread and butter and allowed Eastman to proceed simultaneously with that great gamble that Is free-lance writing. He also hopes to put it on television, and he and Ken Butcher of Miami have been filming it in recent weeks.

The radio series, not so incidentally, was a prize-winner in a competition amid all advertising agencies handling public utility accounts in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. “Iowa Story” is not an academic history of the state. It’s a journalistic one says Eastman, dealing with a Lillian Russell, a Bob Feller, the Indians . . .

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Two Iowa City doctors honored as ‘exemplary psychiatrists’ May 9, 2008

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From PR Newswire:

NAMI Honors Exemplary Psychiatrists: 30 Doctors From 21 States

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is honoring 30 doctors as “Exemplary Psychiatrists” at the annual conference of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) this week. …


Bruce Sieleni, MD – Iowa City

Nancy A. Williams, MD – Iowa City


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