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The End of ‘Looking in at Iowa’ November 22, 2008

Posted by John in Uncategorized.

For nearly a year I’ve enjoyed monitoring the Web for lesser-known (or not yet widely known) information tidbits of possible interest to Eastern Iowans and sharing those with readers of this blog. As a news referral blog, I haven’t written much from my own voice, but instead have let the sources speak for themselves through key excerpts, smaller photos, and links pointing back to the sources, which offered complete text and larger images.

Now, because of other important commitments, I’ve found that I need to stop tracking, skimming and posting information for Looking in at Iowa. I hope you have found this blog to be a useful and interesting complement for your regular consumption of Iowa news. And for those around the world who have found LIAI posts only from searches, I hope this blog helped you find the precise information you were looking for – or quickly pointed you to one of the best online sources for that information.

I’d like to thank readers for showing your interest in such an unconventional blog. Traffic for Looking in at Iowa greatly exceeded my expectations and reinforces my belief in the importance of what has been called link journalism. (Read more about link journalism from Jeff Jarvis, Scott Karp)

Please feel free to leave any final thoughts about this blog in a comment here or by sending me an e-mail. I am especially interested in learning what you liked and disliked, any favorite posts or subject areas you appreciated seeing here, or what ways Looking in at Iowa could have been better.

Thanks everyone!


1. iowakitkat - November 24, 2008

John —
Sorry to see your blog go by the wayside. I’ve enjoyed checking it out on occasion.
Kathy Alter

2. Mike Wagner - November 24, 2008


Sorry to see this blog disappear. The information is always fascinating and interesting. It is one of the top five I check every morning.


Mike Wagner

3. Molly Rossiter - December 3, 2008

John —

Sorry to see this one go — I’ve always enjoyed reading what you’d found.


4. Cindy - December 4, 2008


You’ve done a great job with this blog. I don’t have any suggestions on how it could have been better, but echo the other comments here – sorry to see it go.


5. Karen McCort - December 24, 2008

I’ve enjoyed your blog and it has been very useful for me to get all of the the stories in one place. Where am I going to get these interesting tidbits now?

6. Matthew Manuel - January 22, 2009


You have done a great job with this blog in the past year. What will it take to keep it going?

Talk to me.


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