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1929 photos of Cedar Rapids’ record flood June 9, 2008

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6/11 UPDATE: Great slide show of Cedar Rapids flood of 1929 (at Flickr)


From Gazette archives:

Photo appears to show I Ave. NW, looking east from 8th St. NW. March 18, 1929.


This photo, looking south, probably taken from the City Hall, shows May’s Island and the 3rd Ave. bridge with a corner of the four-year-old Courthouse at left. In the back of the Courthouse is the CRANDIC interurban bridge, since torn out. The CRANDIC bridge was lower than the street bridges, and a constant worry to officials during high water. Boxcars have been parked on the bridge to help anchor it during the flood.


One corner of the Quaker Oats plant is shown here. Quaker Oats, which had three feet of water in one warehouse, was closed during the peak of the flood.


Floodwater surging under the F Ave. bridge still had not reached its peak when this photo was taken against a Quaker Oats plant backdrop. Downstream, the old iron 8th Ave. bridge trembled so much it had to be closed. Two boaters were nearly drowned.


Railroad switch crews were working this forenoon despite high water which flooded many tracks. This photo, taken along the Illinois Central tracks near Cedar Lake, is indicative of flood conditions in that section.


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3. jt - May 6, 2009

this is weird how all this is happenning like how come the water got so high this time i am a student at harding middle school we are studing the flood and were trying to find out how the flood got so high in differnt places??

4. Ajai Dittmar - August 4, 2012

Thank you for posting these photos! Would you happen to know why the city requested that the United States Army Corps of Engineers come to Cedar Rapids in the first place?

John - August 6, 2012

I’m sorry, I do not.

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