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1964 Gazette article about murder of Dan Gable’s sister April 7, 2008

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From “Charge Youth in Waterloo Girl’s Murder” in June 2, 1964 Gazette:

WATERLOO (AP) — Police arrested the young son of a banker Monday 90 minutes after the stabbed, seminude body of the daughter of a real estate operator was found in her home.

Spectacled, muscular John Thomas Kyle, 16, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Kyle, was arraigned on an open charge of murder in the slaying of pretty, brunette Diane Kay Gable, 19, while her parents were away on a fishing excursion.

Bond was set at $20,000.

A Struggle

Her body, nude from the waist down, was found in the living room of her home in an upper middle class neighborhood. There were signs of a struggle.

Authorities said she was clad only in a sweatshirt, a bra and bobby sox. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mack Gable.

Dr. Eugene Smith, deputy Black Hawk county medical examiner, said Miss Gable, who worked in her father’s real estate and insurance office, had been stabbed once under the arm, arid once in the heart, apparently with a kitchen knife.

Face Scratched

He said there were sqratches on her nose and face, and marks on her throat, indicating she had been strangled.

Teeth marks were found on the girl’s face, Dr. Smith said. An autopsy showed she died of a stab wound in the heart, he added.

The Kyles and the Gables live about two blocks apart.

Found Body

Larry D. McGreevy found the body after going to the Gable house when Miss Gable failed to show for work at her father’s office.

McGreevy called the parents after he found the house locked. Gable told McGreevy to break down the door and find out what was the matter.

Dr. Smith said no weapon had been found. He said she apparently had been dead since Sunday night.

Read Mike Hlas’ Sunday column here: Gable tries to offer support to survivors.

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1. Joe Hepperle - June 30, 2009

John Kyle still locked up. Life means life. Newspaper article titled ‘Eastern Iowa Lifers’ from Cedar Rapids Gazette, May 31, 1994


2. Joel Blackburn - September 13, 2009

What a piece of crap this john kyle. Too bad they could not have let Dan get hold of him!

Rowan K. - March 12, 2011

This happened while people were drinking at a party in the Gable basement. Several wrestlers were there and probably knew about it.

3. mike courtney - May 18, 2010

thats tearable i’m sorry for your loss mr. and mrs. gable that punk gets what he deserves. but i would like to tell you your son is my hero i have been following his example since i was in fifth grade. now im a better wrestler.

4. R.H. - October 17, 2010

Mike Courtney,

I hate to write this but Mr. and Mrs. Gable died a while back.

5. jim burns - January 12, 2011

very sad.i was in 9th grade@ logan jr. back then.
needed to comment from tenn.

6. Kate Stewart - June 18, 2011

this is why it would be good if all states had a death sentence as well as life, with swift justice in carrying out the sentence. In this case Life did not mean Life for her killer, he escaped for 9 months on the loose from a high security prison…
I am glad he suffered a heart attack, sort of like his karma coming back to him finally and that he did not die suddenly but suffered for some time, a stab to a heart in payment for his stab to her heart, just way to long for him to live and play prison games with others of his kind.

Susan - October 22, 2011

Kyle pleaded guilty, in an apparent move to avoid a possible death sentence. Iowa had capital punishment at the time.

Read More: http://wcfcourier.com/news/local/article_cdaf32fa-9916-11e0-b5f8-001cc4c002e0.html#ixzz1bXnd6Alv

7. Michael McGreevey - December 8, 2011

My father was working for Mack Gable when he was asked to break down the door and discovered her body. There was an interesting article in one of the many tabloid like detective magazines popular at this time “True Detective”. We lived right up the street, actually this occurred while my mother Sherilene was pregnant with me (6/29/64). To this day he never has discussed the incident with us. Very tragic story for one of Iowa’s finest families.

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